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In order to improve our patient care, we recently collected feedback from our patients by giving a questionnaire to a random selection of 105 of our patients (or their carers) asking them to evaluate their experiences with our practice. This includes aspects of the practice such as:

     • Access and availability – making an appointment and waiting to see a GP;
     • Communication and interpersonal skills of reception staff;
     • Interpersonal and communication skills of GPs and nurses;
     • Provision of information by GPs; and
     • Privacy and confidentiality.

We have now completed our analysis of the feedback and would like to share some of the significant findings.

Overall results

We found that most respondents rated our practice as “very good” or “excellent” in all but only a couple of the areas surveyed (being informed about fees and being able to see a doctor/nurse of your choice). Results were consistently very high across all other areas.
It therefore seems that most of our patients are very satisfied with the level of health care they receive at our practice and with the service they receive from our staff. Comments left by respondents were generally very positive and complimentary of our team members, and we were therefore very pleased with the results.

Information about practice fees

One of the aspects where we did not score as highly was for “Information on fees”.

This topic was brought up during recent staff meetings. Our administration staff will endeavour to inform patients of consultation fees before making their appointment and our doctors will endeavour to inform patients of any out of pocket fees they may be aware of for other allied health providers that they refer to.

Seeing doctor/nurse of choice

The other aspect where we did not score as highly was for “Seeing doctor/nurse of choice”.

Again, this was discussed during recent staff meetings. To ensure more patients are getting to see their doctor or nurse of choice, we are now putting more “on the day” appointments into our appointment system. This means that when patients ring on the day then there are more appointments available with doctors.


We would like to again thank everyone who participated in the questionnaire for their valuable contribution to improving our practice.
If you would like to give further feedback, please contact our Practice Manager on 07 4779 0622 or email, or you can use the suggestion box located in our reception area. In particular, if you made a suggestion which hasn’t been addressed here, let us know and we can happily discuss.
We look forward to continuing to provide you with quality healthcare.

Juanita Costello, Practice Manager
On behalf of the GPs and staff members at Mundingburra Medical Centre.


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