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Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I able to speak to my doctor on the phone? 
If you wish to speak to your doctor during consulting hours please feel free to do so.  A message will be taken by the reception staff and passed on.  It must be known that a majority of the time the doctors are extremely busy and your telephone call will be returned as soon as possible.  If it is an emergency and contact must be made immediately, please inform the reception staff and they will do their best to put the phone call through.
Are there any situations where I may be bulk billed?
We ask that payment be made at time of consultation.  If payment presents a problem or you are experiencing financial hardship or exceptional circumstances have occurred, please speak to the practice manager who will be able to assist you. 
How long is a normal appointment?
A standard appointment is 15 minutes. 
How will you remind me about my health care (pap smears, vaccinations, etc?)
We may issue you with a reminder notice offering you preventative health services appropriate to your care.  This will normally be in the form of an sms to your nominated mobile number.  If you do not wish to be part of this system, please inform reception.
How do I get my test results?
If your doctor has ordered blood tests or other investigations, it is in the best interest of your health to have these tests carried out promptly.  It is also important that you phone the surgery to follow up on these tests and obtain results.  Your doctor will usually leave a message with reception or nursing staff regarding your test results and whether they would like you to make a follow up appointment.
What is eHealth? 
An electronic health record (eHEALTH) is a personally controlled and secure summary of your health history.  You control what goes in it and what medical centre has access to it.  The eHEALTH initiave will enable a safer, higher quality, more equitable and sustainable health system for all Australians.  If you choose to use eHEALTH this will allow Mundingburra Medical Centre to view your past health history and upload new health/event summaries.  It will also allow both you and the medical centre to have comprehensive information on your health history, which would allow for a better understanding of your health and needs.
Can I email the practice?
Our practice is mindful that even if patients have provided electronic contact details, they may not be proficient in communicating via electronic means and patient consent needs to be obtained before engaging in electronic communication. Electronic communication includes email, facsimile and Short Message Service (SMS).

Communication with patients via electronic means is conducted with appropriate regard to privacy.

Electronic Communication Policy

E-mail and facsimile communications cannot be relied upon as a confidential means of communicating health information.
This practice has the following policy in relation to e-mail/fax communications to/from patients:

The practice does not use e-mail or facsimile communication as a means of routinely conveying any personal information to patients, ie test results and detailed personal information due to the risk of breach of confidentiality in communicating sensitive information without encryption and persons other than the patient having access to fax machines and the like.

Patients are welcome to e-mail the practice to request an appointment and make general enquiries, however no detailed information will be provided via e-mail or facsimile due to the risk of breach of confidentiality. Only information of a general nature will be forwarded to patients via e-mail or facsimile. In communicating with patients via these means for even matters of a general nature, the following procedure should be followed:

• Patient identity needs to be confirmed using three approved patient identifiers.
• Patient needs to be made aware that their privacy and confidentiality may be compromised by communicating by e-mail without encryption and appropriate responses recorded.
• Patients should be informed that only non-urgent matters should be communicated by e-mail and the best means of contact is by telephone.

Patients will not be provided with copies of test results, medical certificates, referrals or any other personal information via these means.

For general enquiries regarding appointments and the like, a response is to be provided to any communication received within 2 hours wherever possible. Where a response is not possible within this timeframe, for example if something needs to be checked with a doctor etc, then a response must be forwarded to the patient advising that their message has been received and their request is being followed up and a response will be provided as soon as possible. Reception staff and the person responsible for checking e-mails should print the e-mail and bring to Dr’s attention as well as forwarding to the doctor via e-mail for a response.


We at Mundingburra Medical Centre strive to elixir with happiness as they say "it helps in healing". We dedicate ourselves to clinical excellence, superior patient service and safety,with unparalleled passion.We commit with reverence of patient care, its continous improvement and innovation with firm determination to make the utmost effort to further improve our endeavour to serve in field of health care.
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Extra Medicare benefits are now available to eligible patients who have registered with the Australian Government’s My Medicare.   eg longer telehealth appts, care plans and mental health plans. To register or learn more about how MyMedicare can benefit you, click here or ask on arrival

There are multiple ways you can register with your chosen practice in MyMedicare:

  • Start the registration process in your Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare Mobile app. Check that your practice is registered in MyMedicare before you start. Practice staff will then accept the registration in the MyMedicare system.
  • Your practice may start the registration in MyMedicare or you can ask them to do this. This will trigger a registration in your Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare Mobile app, which you can then complete.
  • Fill out a registration form and provide it to your practice. By signing the form, you are giving consent to participate in MyMedicare. Practice staff will then complete the registration in the MyMedicare system.

MyMedicare registration will not prevent you from accessing care from other practices and healthcare providers. MyMedicare does not tie you to a particular healthcare provider. You can change your preferred GP within your registered practice at any time.


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